Increase your search speed

by adding a > button on the right side of Google


How it works

You can navigate to the next page using the > on the right

Our Extension will increase your search speed and efficiency by adding a > button on the right side Google page allowing you to navigate to the next page like you would do on a Tablet.

When searching on Google or Youtube, our Extension will also present you ads relevent to your searches. You may close them at anytime using the close button.

We are Ad Supported

Our Extension is FREE and Ad supported. You can find this Ad logo next to our ads and you can remove the ads at any time by pressing the CLOSE button.

Thank you for helping us keeping our product free.

Our Extensions are Tested 100% Clean and Malware Free

Our software does not contain any virus or malware, but because we place ads some antivirus and malware remover classify us as "potentially bad software". It's completely unfair since our products are 100% clean and digitally signed.

If your not satisfied by our product, it is very easy to uninstall, just follow these HOW TO UNINSTALL instructions here